Dorm Room Halloween Decorations

It’s that time of year when there are colorful leaves all around, a chill comes to the air and pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere.

It’s also the time for carving pumpkins, getting candy and decorating for Halloween. This time can be a difficult time for those who absolutely love this spooky time of the year, but live in a small space like a college dorm room or residence hall.

I suggest getting a few little Halloween decorations to help you get into the Halloween spirit. I don’t have a ton of room in my apartment, but I love Halloween decorations, so I’ve settled for a few small things that are easily transported and stored for my dorm room Halloween decorations.

I don’t have much, but It’s enough to make me think of Halloween when I come back to my room. It also makes me happy to see them, so it works well for me.

I have a cute little door sign that I found last year, and a few pumpkins and some cute Halloween storage book decorations. Although it is simple, it still gets you in the mood for Halloween and adding some dorm room Halloween decorations can really brighten up the look of a dreary dorm room.

To make your own little Halloween set up, all you have to do is get some little Halloween themed things from any shop or store that sells Halloween things. small and flat-ish things work well for dorm rooms because they are also easy to put into storage or pack back and forth from home to college.

Dorm Room Halloween Decorations

My little Halloween room additions.